Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love at first sight?

Well... not really! When I first saw it in photos (posted on internet, for sale) made no impression to me. Nothing, nada, was looking like a stupid bike... But was my husband's dream!!! So I said, even it doesn't look great to me, if you like it, go on! Buy it! This was the first step.

Few days after we went to see it. I had a shock! Happened like this: we went to meet the guy who was selling it, to see the motorcycle. It was on a platform, covered with some plastic, because it was winter here. So, first thing, the guy took off the plastic! I said "Oh My God! What a beauty!" I was almost paralyzed, looking at it, staring at it! It looked so big and powerful! I loved it from the first moment, that moment when IT became HE. My beautiful Honda Dominator aka Domy. That's how Domy became part of my life, actually huge part of my life!

So, I don't really believe in love at first sight, but at second... definitely! It's like that: "look... then look again!" :)

That's my big boy! :)))

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